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Desert southwest trip planner

SLATCHBOLD SOJURN 2005:: to the desert!
LEG 1:: Las Vegas
LEG 2:: Grand Canyon
LEG 3:: Painted Desert
LEG 4:: Monument Valley
1 day to drive though:: route 163, visitors center at Goulding
Valley Drive:: 17 miles of dirt road leading to Totem Pole Rock, many eroded rocks, this area also has many ancient cave and cliff dwellings, natural arches and petroglyphs.
LEG 5:: Valley of the Gods
... green tortoise camps here
LEG 6:: Canyon Lands
LEG 7:: Arches
LEG 8:: Bryce
LEG 9:: Zion
LEG 10:: Las Vegas pt2
national parks guide:: http://www.americansouthwest.net
car prices:: hertz said approx $750 for 9 days. Only included 100 miles per day. For 200 extra miles per day = $450 extra (25c per mile)


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