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Vietnam War Movies

Apocalypse Now:: 1979 , 146 minutes in color, directed by Francis Ford Coppola
The Deer Hunter:: 1978 , 183 minutes in color, directed by Michael Cimino
Full Metal Jacket:: 1987 , 116 minutes in color, directed by Stanley Kubrick
Good Morning, Vietnam:: 1987 , 119 minutes in color, directed by Barry Levinson
Platoon:: 1986 , 120 minutes in color, directed by Oliver Stone
Rambo:First Blood II:: 1985 , directed by George Cosmatos
Path to War:: This made for HBO film was the last for director John Frankenheimer ("The M... READ THE REST
The Quiet American:: the story of the years leading up to the Vietnam War. Adapted from the great Gra... READ THE REST
Tigerland:: Joel Schumacher
Born on the Fourth of July:: the true story of Ron Kovic, who returned home paralyzed to a country he felt be... READ THE REST
Hamburger Hill:: 1987, The battle for Hamburger Hill, or Hill 937, was one of the bloodiest for A... READ THE REST
We Were Soldiers:: The effects in this film are horrifying and amazing. In what will become known a... READ THE REST
Dead Presidents:: Hughes brothers. Less about Vietnam and more about the disillusionment black men... READ THE REST
Casualties Of War:: 1989
Hanoi Hilton:: 1987
The Killing Fields:: 1984
A Bright Shining Lie:: 1998
Coming Home:: 1978, Hal Ashby
Jacobs Ladder:: 1998, Adrian Lyne
Streamers:: 1983, Robert Altman
Uncommon Valor:: 1983, Ted Kotcheff
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The War in Vietnam Books and Movies:: www.lib.berkeley.edu/MRC/VietnamBib.html
Vietnam War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vietnam_War


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