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Internet TV

Nobody knows how the business is supposed to work - what kind of stories to tell, whether to tell them in 90 seconds or 20 minutes, whether to build a destination site or distribute episodes across the Net, how to generate revenue, and how to do it all on a shoestring ...
production companies:: CBS Mobile, CBS Interactive, Marvel.com, Simon + Schuster
length:: 2 mins, 2.15, 1.35 - each with 20 second title sequence and 15 seconds of credits
distribution:: on Simon + Schusters site, a book publishers website
release schedule:: a new episode released each weekday. Blocks of five episodes will be released on iTunes each Monday. 25 x 2 min episodes.
fees:: original site free; itunes 99c for 5 episodes or $3.99 for whole season
DR. HORRIBLE:: www.drhorrible.com/
length:: 3 x 13 minute episodes
'Dr. Horrible': An oral history : Entertainment Weekly:: www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20213067_202130
official fan site:: doctorhorrible.net/
length:: 10 episodes from 3 - 6 minutes each, released every couple of weeks, they talk about a second season
GEMINI DIVISION:: www.geminidivision.com
Gemini Division - Wikipedia:: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemini_Division
Afterworld - useful article:: www.tvmama.com/afterworld-lives-in-many-
List of Internet television series - Wikipedia:: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Internet_t
ON Networks:: www.onnetworks.com/
Online Video Watch - blog:: www.onlinevideowatch.com/
quarterlife - a community for artists, thinkers, do-ers:: www.quarterlife.com/content/about-us


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