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A Quick Guide to London

LONDON - THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD:: a guide for first timers
The South Bank:: Spend a day walking from Lambeth Palace to The Design Museum
Neal St:: don't stray into Covent Garden, but here and Seven Dials is great for shopping
Islington:: two streets, Upper Street and Essex Road with dozens of bars and restaurants, shops, an antique market ...
The City:: do a guided walk on a weekend. There's 2000 years of history in one square mile
... for those who enjoy pontificating on things they know nothing about, English restaurants are a bit of a joke. But if you've ever been to London you'll know the opposite is true. The restaurants here are excellent and every cuisine is represented. Avoid the West End tourist traps and you'll be fine.
Baltic:: on Blackfriars Bridge Road - Polish vodka bar/ restaurant. expensive, a place to be seen
Maison Don Phillippe:: very tradititional smoky, noisy, packed, tapas bar, brilliant range of sherries served ice cold, as they should be
Morgan M:: on Liverpool Road, expensive but oh-so-very cool
Fredericks:: in Islington, been around for years and still going strong
Brick Lane:: several dozen Indian restaurants on one street
Taz:: Turkish/Anatolian restaurants, there are about 5 of them dotted around the Southbank near The Cut and the Globe Theatre
Moro:: in Exmouth Market. Superb modern tapas, spanish and morroccean influenced
Gastropubs:: great food in a pub!! What could be better?
The Windsor Castle:: in Notting Hill
The Drapers Arms:: in Islington - Barnsbury St, N1
St.John:: on Junction Road, N19, nearest tube is Archway
The National Gallery:: right on Trafalgar Square, this is a huge gallery with tons of great paintings from every age. It's free, of course, so go many times, you'll never see it all
The Tate Modern:: This is the converted power station on the South bank. Even if you hate modern art go for the amazing architecture, the views from the top, the cafe and the bookshop
Victoria & Albert:: Arts and Crafts, which means everything. You could spend months in here
British Museum:: the plunderings of the Empire, including the Elgin Marbles, the Rosetta Stone, ...


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